Piedmont – Earth


Earth. This seductive mineral texture conveys both the primordial power of nature and the slow succession of geological eras.

The result is a captivating palette of greys and beiges, featuring a widespread golden mottled effect, colourful inclusions and large, jagged veins.

A ceramic stone with a bold character and a decorative, sometimes spectacular style, Earth features mostly Italian natural references, which it recolours in an original and convincing way.

Characteristic Value
Size 47" x 23 7/16", 23 7/16" x 23 7/16"
Thickness 3/4"
Weight 9 lb/sq.ft.
Water absorption ISO 10545/3 <0.15%
Static load - center ≥ 2050 lbf
Static load - center of sides >1200 lbf
Breaking strength ISO 10545-4 >2250 lbf
Slip resistance DIN51130 R11
Coefficient of friction ASTM 1028-7 >0.6 wet, > 0.6 dry
Shade / tone variation V4 substantial variation