Porcelain Planks for Fireproof Wood Look Elevated Decks

Porcelain Planks

Create fireproof rooftops, elegant patios or striking on-grade landscapes using porcelain planks with the look of real wood - durable, stain resistant, fade resistant, low maintenance.

Plank style porcelain pavers skillfully incorporate all the visual features that make natural wood decking so enchanting. Knots, dark and light streaks, random grain structure, pinholes, variable color and even a weathered appearance can be faithfully reproduced, in an exceptionally wide range of colors from pale bleached grey through dark chocolate browns.

Woodgrain porcelain plank pavers avoid all the problems with natural wood decking – no decay, no attacks by insects, no fading, no color change, no staining, no twisting or warping, no scuffing, no splinters and practically zero maintenance.

And most importantly for rooftop decks in densely populated urban areas, porcelain is totally fireproof.

Constructing elevated decks with porcelain planks is generally simpler than using natural wood planks. There’s no need for custom designed steel or wood support structures, no nails, screws or clips.  Just lay the planks directly over adjustable height pedestals, or for 8” or 12” wide planks, lay hollow steel or aluminum beams over adjustable height pedestals and lay the planks over the beams. See here for further details.

For on-grade applications, planks can be used to create striking landscape designs, particularly when laid in grassed areas. Additionally they can be laid on well compacted sand or gravel beds or mortar set over concrete.

Key Benefits of Porcelain Planks

Cannot catch fire or burn
No oiling or ongoing maintenance
Won’t twist, warp, split or crack
No fading or color change
No decay or insect attack
No scratching or scuffing
No grease or oil staining
No splinters
Mold and mildew resistant

Sizes & Installation Options

Archatrak currently supplies plank style porcelain decking in four sizes – 16″ x 48″, 12″ x 48″, 8″ x 48″, 12″ x 94″

All four options require far fewer structural components, tools, manpower, site preparation and installation time than building a traditional solid wood roof deck.

Installation Options / Size 16 x 48" 12" x 48" 8" x 48" 12" x 94"
Adjustable Pedestal Supports
Rubber Support Pads
Pedestal Supported Beams
Thinset Mortar over Concrete
Compacted Sand Beds

Resembling panels of 3”- 4” wide wood planks joined side by side, our ¾” thick, 16” wide x 48” long slab style, wood look pavers are designed for installation over pedestals, support pads or a pedestal supported rail system on roof decks, as well as directly on grade over compacted sand or gravel.

In elevated deck applications, especially high traffic commercial applications such as bars and restaurants, steel protection plates or self-adhesive fiberglass mesh sheets should be be installed on the underside of the pavers for break-through protection.

See our Safety & Security page for more information.

Single ‘boards’ ¾” thick, 8” wide x 48” long with up to nine different ‘faces’ or surface variations to ensure a natural/random appearance.’ Available in simulated wood look and modern cement look.

Because of their width, these ‘boards’ are generally laid over a pedestal supported array of hollow steel beams, but can also be laid as individual planks over a well compacted sand base in some applications.

Resembling single boards of natural wood, our ¾” thick, 12” wide x 48” long porcelain deck ‘planks’ are supplied in up to nine different ‘faces’ or surface variations to ensure a natural/random appearance.

Because of their width, these ‘boards’ are generally laid over a pedestal supported array of hollow steel beams, creating a perfectly level elevated deck, but can also be laid as individual planks over a well compacted crushed rock or sand base.

The Archatrak DeckWay porcelain plank system comprises extra long ¾” thick porcelain planks, 11 11/16” wide x 94 ¼” long laid over a parallel array of 8′ long hollow steel beams, which in turn are supported by adjustable height pedestals, spaced at 24” intervals.

The steel beam sub-structure simplifies installation, reduces the number of pedestals and ensures a firm and stable support structure for the completed deck.

The 8’ long porcelain planks are simply laid over the beams, each plank resting on rubber faced support heads with inbuilt spacer tabs, which are slid along the beams to precisely position the planks.

The weight of the planks and their tight spacing against the spacer tabs, is sufficient to prevent any movement of the planks without requiring any additional fixing devices.

Because of their length, DeckWay planks are designed primarily for commercial applications, providing a low maintenance alternative to traditional wood planks.

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Oak 48″ x 16″ Planks
Washington DC

4,600 sq.ft. interior to exterior elevated deck for private functions.

W Hotel- Washington DC

Kauri 48″ x 16″ Planks
Washington DC

Renovation of Washington DC’s W hotel incorporated Kauri 48″ x 16″ planks in the POV rooftop lounge bar.

Top of the Marq – Cape Girardeau, MO

Oak 48″ x 16″ Planks
Cape Girardeau, MO

Rooftop restaurant and bar floor for the remodeled terrace.

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