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Archatrak Porcelain Pavers for Pool Paving

When considering surfacing options for pool decks, porcelain rises above all other options. Because of its impermeable surface, porcelain is slip, scratch and stain resistant. It is also color-fade resistant, and of course, is far more aesthetically pleasing than other flooring options, such as concrete. The Link, a recent project of ours, chose porcelain for […]

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What’s New from Archatrak in 2020

From extra strength 3cm porcelain pavers to an expansion on our cobblestone product line, we’ve introduced several new products this year and have more to come in 2020. Check out the latest in this feature article from Design Builders.

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Quick makeover for drab balconies

A drab concrete balcony is often the last area to be considered in any apartment makeover. Maybe it’s just too small to justify a team of tradespersons tramping through the apartment day after day to lay ceramic or terracotta tiles, grout them and then polish them.  Maybe you live in a rental property and don’t […]

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How to Install Porcelain Pavers

With their superior technical characteristics and wide range of styles and colors, porcelain pavers are quickly becoming the preferred choice for both indoor and outdoor flooring solutions. Archatrak porcelain pavers, planks and cobblestones are an exceptional choice for your next project. These three products can be used in a variety of spaces, and can be […]

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renovate backyard

Backyard Renovation on a Budget

Looking for a cost-effective solution where you can renovate your backyard without the need to replace an entire deck, patio or terrace? We’ve got you covered. A quick-fix to renovating your backyard space is with Archatrak porcelain pavers, planks or wood tiles. Our line of porcelain pavers and planks are available in over 200 color […]

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