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The Longest Parklet in the USA?

The City of College Park, GA has recently installed what appears to be the longest parklet in the country to date. At almost 90’ long and 6’ wide, it occupies the space normally taken up by seven car parking spaces. Last December, the Atlanta City Council approved an ordinance permitting restaurants and bars to expand […]

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Are Porcelain Pavers Slippery When Wet?

A very common question we are asked is: Are porcelain pavers slippery when wet?  And can they be used safely around swimming pools? The rather simplistic answer typically given is that no, porcelain pavers are not slippery when wet. But the more realistic answer is that it depends on a large number of factors. Also, […]

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parklet and planters

Parklets: Where did they come from and where are they going?

2005 is the year that most urban historians recognize as the origin of the parklet – a multipurpose community recreation space extending from the sidewalk into the parking lane of a given street.

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How Do You Calculate the Number of Paver Pedestals Required for an Elevated Deck?

Depending on the extent of your project, estimating pedestals can be a chore. No formula is going to give the answer if your deck shape is anything other than a simple rectangle or square with no other complications. Sure, you could spend the time to draw out your deck on a piece of graph paper […]

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Srteet Seating

Taking to the Streets: Adding a Touch of Class to Street Dining in these Challenging Times

In these challenging times, especially for the restaurant industry, innovation and adaptation to restrictions on social gatherings can be the only means of survival for many struggling businesses. With local regulations and/or social distancing requirements restricting or prohibiting inside dining for a still unknown number of weeks or months, street seating on roads and pavements […]

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