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‘StreetDeck’ Components

The basic StreetDeck structure comprises a galvanized steel perimeter and cross beams enclosing a deck surface of modular porcelain pavers or wood tiles.
The structure and pavers are elevated on adjustable height pedestals which enable a level deck to be constructed irrespective of the slope of the roadway or underlying surface.

Perimeter Components

The perimeter structure has five main components made of galvanized steel:
Straight perimeter beams in 24″, 36″ and 48″ lengths
Perimeter corners
Internal cross beams
Cross bean connectors
Connecting links and bolts

Using connecting links, the perimeter beams and corners are bolted together to form the StreetDeck outer perimeter.

Pedestals positioned every 24″ are placed under the perimeter beams and adjusted as required to level the deck frame.

Cross beams are used to help square and structurally support the deck and to attach planter mounting brackets.

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