Build Steps on Pedestal Supported Decks with Vertical Closure Clips

Vertical Closure Clips

Close off an elevated paved area or create a step or with a vertical tile face.

Pedestal supported elevated decks or raised platforms sometimes require the deck to be terminated before reaching a perimeter wall. Vertical closure clips permit a section of a paver to be secured vertically to the outer row of pedestals forming the face or riser of any step down.

Using fixed head Eterno NM pedestals, two special stainless steel clips are attached to the pedestal, one placed over the head and the other under the base, which is pre-cut on one side to hold the paver face as close as possible to the pedestal column. The combination of these two clips grips the vertical face securely and prevents horizontal movement.


Caution: This solution is only intended to create a vertical closure where the step height is no higher than a normal stair riser. In all installations where the deck is not finished at a solid retaining wall, the completed elevated deck must be completely stable, free from all sideways movement and comply with all relevant regulations and codes.

The head and base clips can be also used for enclosing an elevated deck with a right-angle corner, as shown below.
Height adjustment of the pedestals remains possible using the special height adjustment tool by inserting the tool through the hole in the upper clip.

Installation Considerations

Clips are designed for holding 3/4″ thick porcelain pavers only.
The maximum height of the vertical face should normally not exceed 8″.
Only full width pavers, 24" wide should be used.
Check for any movement. If necessary, use adhesive to secure pavers to pedestal heads for first two rows of pavers.

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