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Who We Are

Archatrak Inc.

Archatrak is a national supplier of exterior porcelain pavers, structural and interlocking wood deck tiles, deck support systems and site furniture. For the past two decades we have played a leading role in the introduction and market development of both interlocking deck tiles and 2cm structural porcelain pavers for creating exceptional outdoor environments.

Whether it’s elevated rooftop decks on pedestals, on-grade paving over sand or gravel, resurfacing of existing concrete, or mortar set paving for vehicular applications, we supply the means to create outdoor spaces with unique character and lasting appeal, both residential and commercial.

Our History


Under our former name of HandyDeck Inc. we were one of the first companies to introduce interlocking deck tiles to the USA for re-surfacing backyard patios, enhancing balconies and turning rooftops into useful outdoor living space. For more than 10 years, these snap-together interlocking tiles were our best-selling product for light commercial and Do-It-Yourself applications. Beginning with ‘SwiftDeck’ Ipe wood tiles, our range of interlocking tiles steadily expanded over the years to encompass slate, granite, ceramic, stone and composite wood.


Just over a decade later, HandyDeck was the first company to bring ¾” thick, Italian made porcelain pavers to the US. Although porcelain pavers were already recognized in Europe as an innovative and versatile deck surfacing and paving product, their benefits were largely unknown at that time to the US architectural and construction community.


Focusing primarily on porcelain pavers, Handydeck led the way in promoting their use for landscape paving and elevated decking, becoming one of largest suppliers of porcelain pavers in the US. To cater for the expanding roof deck market, we began importing ‘Eterno’ adjustable height pedestals from Italy and developed a range of rubber fixed height support pads for low height deck applications and concrete resurfacing.


For clients preferring a natural wood deck, we added Structural Ipe Wood Tiles to our lineup, offering the simplicity and ease of pedestal supported installation on rooftops and elevated patios.


In September 2017 we officially changed our name to Architrex Inc. which better reflected our focus on supplying architectural exterior paving products, elevated deck systems and site amenities to commercial clients.


In January 2019 we changed our name to Archatrak Inc. which better reflected our focus on supplying architectural exterior paving products, elevated deck systems and site amenities to commercial clients.


In late 2020 we established the trading division Archasol to promote urban furniture and lighting products incorporating solar cells to power phone charging, WiFi access, lighting and other sensors or utilities – products designed for the needs of an increasingly connected and active world, committed to the use of renewable, sustainable energy. These products are featured on a dedicated website www.archasol.com.


To more clearly showcase our popular ‘StreetDeck’ modular deck product and introduce a larger range of commercial furniture including colorful street and cafe furniture, bench seating, illuminated planters and wall panels, in late 2022 we set up a dedicated subdomain ArchatrakUrban.

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