Sound Absorbing Pads for Deck Supports | Noise Reducing Pads

Sound Absorbing Pads

Reduce sound transmission through adjustable height pedestals and bonded SBR (styrene-butadiene) rubber pads.

Sound transmission from elevated rooftop paving to residential or office areas below can sometimes be a problem and soundproofing with conventional pedestal supports can be challenging.

A hard polypropylene composition does little to absorb noise from pedestrian traffic when pedestals have no noise-absorbing material either under the base or on the heads.

For this reason, our Eterno Prime or NM pedestals feature a special bicomponent head with a soft rubber surface. These heads can dampen sound by up to 25 dB.

For further noise reduction, we offer 1/8th inch thick shock-resistant rubber pads which can be placed under the base of our polypropylene pedestals to lower sound transmission by 18 dB.

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