How to Build a Wood Deck with an Adjustable Pedestal System

Pedestals for Wood Joists

Learn how to build a wood deck in less time and at lower cost on rooftops, plazas, terraces and garage roofs with adjustable height joist supports.

No wood or steel substructures required, apart from the joists that mount the decking.

The wood deck pedestal system allows easy access for inspection of membranes and maintenance to any concealed service pipes, ducts or cabling. Air can circulate freely under the deck and water flow easily to surface drains.

The wide diameter pedestal base avoids damage to waterproof membranes and ensures stability of the deck installation.

Deck planks are secured to the joists or bearers in the traditional manner using screws, nails or clips.

The SE pedestals with their automatic slope compensation of up to 5% are typically used when constructing elevated decks over surfaces with variable slopes while the NM pedestals are normally used over substrates with a constant slope and low gradient. In both cases, the wood bearers are laid directly over the pedestal heads and screwed to the upright bracket of the special heads.

The spacing of the wood pedestal stands, both parallel and perpendicular to the bearers, must be confirmed with a structural engineer prior to construction and must comply with all relevant codes and regulations.

Eterno SE Wood Joist Head

Eterno NM Wood Joist Head

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