Elevated Decks

Building perfectly level elevated decks

Adding a roof deck to an existing building can often appear to be a very challenging project.

Firstly there’s the issue of constructing a support structure for the deck where in many circumstances building owners will not permit any permanent structures to be installed on a rooftop.

Secondly, most building owners are particularly concerned that no damage will be done to existing waterproof membranes which could result in costly repair work if leaks were subsequently encountered.

Thirdly, in many localities, and particularly in densely populated urban regions, fire regulations are becoming increasingly strict and may prohibit the construction of a solid wood deck.

Fourthly, all decks will slope slightly for drainage, with service pipes, electrical conduits and other service ducts crossing the rooftop at some points, adding a further challenge to building a roof deck.

An excellent and cost effective solution is to use structural grade porcelain pavers in conjunction with a pedestal support system. With this system, lightweight ¾” thick porcelain exterior pavers are laid over adjustable height pedestals, supported only on each of the four corners. The pedestals are adjusted up or down by screwing the central column. This enables a perfectly horizontal deck to be created that can successfully hide all service pipes and ductwork, while allowing easy future access by simply lift the necessary pavers.

Porcelain pavers are completely fireproof, stain resistant, scratch resistant, frost proof and exceptionally low maintenance. Our Archatrak porcelain pavers also come in an extremely wide range of colors and styles, including tiles that look like wood which can be a great alternative if you still prefer the appearance of natural wood, but are prohibited in using wood decking due to local regulations. Since there’s no need to construct any support structure with wood bearers or sleepers, installation is much easier than building a conventional wood deck. And as porcelain pavers are so much lighter than concrete pavers, they can be relatively easily transported to a rooftop, using a goods elevator if available.


Oak look alike roof deck pavers

Porcelain pavers elevated on adjustable pedestals – NYC


Roof decks built with a pedestal system are not limited to residential applications.  They are equally suited for constructing large commercial decks for hotels, restaurants, outdoor bars and other commercial buildings.

For further information on building elevated decks with a pedestal paver system or if you have a question about a particular project, just give us a call on 866 206 8316 or send us an e-mail.