Wood Deck Tiles

Black Locust and Ipe wood deck tiles

Archatrak structural wood deck tiles offer a simple way to create solid wood surfaces over sloping or uneven exterior substrates such as rooftops, courtyards, terraces, pool surrounds etc. for both residential and commercial applications. These tiles are not interlocking like our SwiftDeck deck tiles which feature an integrated plastic base, but are solid wood tiles specifically designed to be supported by fixed height or adjustable height pedestals, eliminating the need for wood or steel supporting structures.

The 24″ x 24″ (nom.) prefabricated panels are constructed of 13/16″ wood slats screwed to three solid wood support battens with stainless steel screws, creating a tile with exceptional strength, durability and resistance to flexing.

We offer structural wood deck tiles in two wood species:
Ipe – sourced from Bolivia; tiles manufactured in Bolivia.
Black Locust – sourced from the USA and listed by the Rainforest Alliance as one of the most preferred alternatives to tropical hardwoods for outdoor applications; tiles manufactured in the USA.

(Tabebuia sp.)

  • high resistance to termites, decay and mold
  • very hard and dense
  • wear resistant and scuff resistant
  • Class B fire rating
  • high bending and shearing strength
  • high resistance to warping and twisting
  • weathers without splintering

Black Locust
(Robinia Pseudoacacia)

  • sustainable and environmentally friendly hardwood
  • hard and dense
  • Class A fire rating
  • indigenous to the USA – strongest and stiffest domestic lumber
  • fast growth – only 20 to 40 years for quality sawlogs
  • high resistance to decay, insects and mildew
  • tight grained, golden to brown color, similar to teak
  • does not retain as much heat as darker woods.
Ipe wood deck tiles

Ipe wood deck tile 24″ x 24″

Black Locust deck tiles

Black locust wood tile 24″x 24″

Tile Specifications

Ipe Deck Tiles Black Locust Deck Tiles
Standard tile sizes 23 7/16” x 23 7/16” or 23 7/8″ x 23 7/8″
23 7/16″ x 47″
23 7/8” x 23 7/8”
Tile weight 23 lb 21 lb
Tile height 1 11/16″ 1 11/16″
Wood thickness 13/16″ 13/16″
Slats per tile 8 8
Width of slats 2 7/8″ 2 7/8″
Slat spacing 3/16″ approx. 3/16″ approx.
Ends & sides finish S4S  E4E  (radius 1/8″)  S4S  E6E  (radius 1/8″)
End treatment waxed with paraffin no wax
Surface finish not coated with oil coated with VOC free natural oil with UV inhibitors
 Fixing screws  stainless steel  stainless steel 305

Wood Properties

Ipe Black Locust
Botanical name Tabebuia sp. Robinia Pseudoacacia
Color Reddish brown, but can vary from olive brown to blackish Golden brown
Grain Interlocked grain,
fine to medium texture
Tight, straight grain,
medium texture
Density 64 lb/ft3 43 lb/ft3
Durability Class 1 (min. 25 years life)  Class 1  (min. 25 years life)
Hardness (Janka) 3680 (very hard) 1700 (hard)
Decay resistance 1 (very resistant) 1-2 (resistant-very resistant)
Fire resistance (ASTM E84‐16) Class B Class A
Flame spread index 35 25
Modulus of rupture 22,600 psi 19,400 psi
Modulus of elasticity 21,600 MPa 14,100 MPa
Crushing strength 13,000 lbf/in2 10,200 lbf/in2
Shrinkage 7% tangential, 6% radial 7.2% tangential, 4.6% radial
Tang./radial shrinkage 1.2 1.6

Archatrak donates a portion of the proceeds from each Black Locust and Ipe wood deck tile sold, through our partnership with Trees for the Future. This donation facilitates the planting of 2 trees for every tile sold.

Trees for the Future (TREES) is an international development nonprofit that meets a triple bottom line by planting trees: poverty alleviation, hunger eradication, and healing the environment.  Working across 6 Sub-Sahara African countries TREES has planted over 150 million trees since 1989.