A world of paving opportinities

For exterior paving and decking, porcelain pavers lead the way in versatility, technical characteristics, style and color options, ‘from the ground up’.

For on-grade paving, their unrivaled color and style options complement and enhance practically any broad area landscaping project, commercial or residential. Whether laid on sand/gravel beds, as ‘stepping stones’ in grassed areas, as an easy but effective resurfacing option for patio decks, as decking for urban ‘parklets‘, terraces, balconies etc, or laid in mortar and grouted for pathways, walkways or even as cobblestone paving in areas with vehicular access, porcelain pavers offer so much more that alternative paving products.

For roof decks, roof terraces and other elevated deck applications, their structural strength, lighter weight, frost resistance, fire resistance and outstanding color options, open up a new world of opportunities for developing and beautifying underutilized space on urban rooftops.

And now, with our new range of modular planters featuring side panels of porcelain pavers and the option of over 30 colors, you have even more opportunity to create a fully integrated rooftop theme.

Click in the images or links below to see more specific information on installation options or download our Archatrak Porcelain Installation Guidelines brochure.