Laying over grass

Laying porcelain pavers over grass or lawn

Although Archatrak porcelain pavers can be laid directly over existing grass or lawn such as many backyard paver installations, for a better result, the grass should be removed where the pavers are to be laid as well as removing a shallow layer of the topsoil. This will ensure better stability of the pavers.

A brief outline of the procedure for laying our porcelain pavers on grass follows.

  • Lay the pavers on the ground to determine the number of steps needed for the garden path, making sure the pavers are placed at equal distance from each other.
  • The joint width between the pavers should be chosen depending on the appearance required. For stepping stones or pathways, the pavers would normally be laid with open joints with grass in between. However for areas where outdoor furniture will be used, pavers would normally be laid with closed joints.
  • Mark the perimeter of each paver with a spade and then remove the pavers.
  • Remove the turf up to a depth of 2”-3”.
  • Fill with a layer of fine 3/16”-1/4” gravel and compact the gravel before laying the pavers. If preferred, lay a 1” thick layer of sand to add as a bed for the pavers.
  • Carefully lay the pavers so they protrude above ground level by about ¼”. The pavers must not protrude above the lawn level, to avoid damaging lawnmower blades when cutting the grass.
  • Carefully tap the pavers with a rubber mallet to ensure they are bedded properly.


Laying porcelain pavers over grass