Landscape Pavers

Create awesome landscapes with Archatrak porcelain landscape pavers

You can typically use Archatrak porcelain landscape pavers and cobblestone driveway pavers for the same on-grade paving applications as concrete pavers. But since porcelain is essentially non-porous, it won’t suffer freeze/thaw cracking, or staining with salt, grease or oil. Plus it won’t fade, attract mold or mildew, and is easy to clean.  And being such a hard and dense material, it resists scratching and marking, even in high traffic locations.

A quick overview of the most common on-grade application follows. For more detailed installation guidelines, please download our Porcelain Installation Guidelines brochure.

Installing landscape pavers


paving slab laid on gravel
Over compacted sand or gravel.
Position the landscape pavers over sand or gravel beds using conventional tile spacers between the pavers to keep them aligned accurately and correctly spaced. If you prefer to fill the gaps, we recommend Gator Tile Polymeric Sand which is specifically made for porcelain pavers.


rubber pads under patio paver
Over existing concrete.
Place stackable rubber support pads (Architrex HD-PAD10 or HD-PAD16) under each corner of these landscape pavers to raise them slightly, creating a ‘floating’ outdoor floor. The pads not only prevent the pavers from rocking on uneven surfaces, but you can make the paved surface perfectly level by stacking pads to a height of approx. 1.5”.


porcelain paver on grass
Over grass.
Whilst it’s possible to lay pavers directly over grass, better results will always be achieved by digging out a few inches of soil under each paver and infilling with compacted sand or gravel.


Set in a mortar bed.
For vehicular applications, Archatrak porcelain landscape pavers and cobblestone driveway pavers can be laid in mortar over a reinforced concrete foundation followed by grouting.



If you have any questions or want to discuss a specific project, just call us at 866-206-8316 or send us an email.

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