Stonetek – Riverstone



Light grey/olive toned paver with a mottled appearance and peppered with both lighter and slightly darker flecks.
Somewhat similar to Aspen Oxide although the latter has more distinctive darker olive flecks and a more textured surface, giving it more traditional stonelike appearance.
Little variation between individual pavers.
Lightly textured finish.


Characteristic Value
Size 23 1/2" x 23 1/2"
Thickness 3/4"
Weight 9 lb/sq.ft.
Water absorption ISO 10545/3 <0.5%
Static load - center ≥ 2200 lbf
Slip resistance DIN51130 R11
Coefficient of friction ASTM BOT 3000 ≥ 0.42
Shade / tone variation V2 slight variation