Terrazzo – Dolmix Grigio


Mid grey base color peppered with relatively large irregular shaped stonelike inclusions in colors ranging from off white through orange/brown to dark grey, simulating the stone chips used in manufacturing traditional cement-based terrazzo flooring.

Individual textured patio stones display relatively small color and tonal variation.

24×24 paver with lightly textured, anti-slip surface

Characteristic Value
Size 23 7/16” x 23 7/16”
Thickness 3/4"
Weight 9 lb/sq.ft.
Water absorption ISO 10545/3 <0.1%
Static load - center ≥ 1800 lbf
Slip resistance DIN51130 R11
Coefficient of friction ASTM 1028-7 > 0.6 wet, > 0.6 dry
Tone / shade variation V3