DeckWay Porcelain Planks

Looks like a wood deck...... only better

DeckWay porcelain planks from Archatrak combine the beauty and elegance of of natural wood with the durability and impermeability of porcelain to create a plank style paver that challenges the basis for choosing a traditional wood deck.  Exceptionally durable, fire resistant, fade resistant, stain resistant and low maintenance, DeckWay offers a unique alternative to natural wood for constructing raised decks, rooftop decks and terraces… anywhere you need to build a deck over a sloping or uneven surface, to cover conduits, pipework or service ducts or where you are forbidden or restricted in building conventional decking substructures of wood or steel bearers and joists .

The 94″ long x 12” wide DeckWay porcelain planks are designed to closely resemble natural wood decking in dimensions, features, grain and color variation but avoid all the downsides of wood decking. They won’t burn, fade, twist, warp, decay, splinter, nor require ongoing maintenance to keep them in good condition year after year.  And thanks to their exceptionally hard, non-porous, slip resistant surface, they won’t stain, suffer mold or mildew, retain water or quickly lose their elegant appearance.

This new and innovative raised decking system, available exclusively from Archidex, requires far fewer structural components, tools, manpower and installation time than building a traditional solid wood deck.


DeckWay System Components

The complete Archatrak DeckWay pedestal paver system comprises 94″ x 12″ porcelain planks which are laid over a parallel array of 8′ long hollow steel beams, which in turn are supported by Eterno adjustable height pedestals spaced at 24” intervals. The steel beam sub-structure reduces both the number of pedestals required and enables a firm and stable support structure to be constructed for laying the porcelain planks.

By just twisting the central column of the “screwjack” pedestals, adjustments can easily be made to ensure the support structure is perfectly level, irrespective of the slope or unevenness of the substrate. The 8’ long porcelain planks are simply laid over the beams, each plank resting on rubber faced support heads with inbuilt spacer tabs, which are slid onto the beams to precisely position the planks. The weight of the planks and their tight spacing against the spacer tabs, is sufficient to prevent any movement of the planks without requiring any additional fixing devices.

Why DeckWay?

The DeckWay pedestal paver system captures the elegance and timeless beauty of a classic wood plank deck in a unique manner unsurpassed by any decking products currently available. No other decking material is currently available that so closely resembles single planks of natural wood or in such long lengths.  It won’t burn, sag, stain or suffer mildew like composite decking and no concrete alternative comes anywhere close. It’s the ideal solution for rooftop decks, rooftop terraces, exterior paving and landscaping projects or wherever a natural “wood plank” appearance is desired, but fire resistance, low maintenance, durability and wear resistance are also essential requirements.

  • Non-combustible wood alternative where strict fire codes exist
  • Lower installation cost than conventional wood decks
  • No ‘permanent’ support structures, no drilling or nailing
  • No splintering, cracking, twisting or warping
  • No decay by weather or insects
  • No fading or color change over time
  • Slip resistant and quick draining
  • Max. 8’ long components simplify delivery to rooftops
  • No regular re-staining, power washing or mold removal
  • Exceptionally low maintenance
  • Easily installs over rooftop pipes, conduit and service ducts
  • Provides easy access to inspect or repair service pipes and ducts

Color and Style Options

DeckWay is currently available in three simulated wood color options.




To see some recent projects where the DeckWay system was installed, please go to our Gallery page and click on the DeckWay Planks tab.

How to Specify and Order DeckWay

The DeckWay system is supplied as a complete set of modular components – 94” x 12” (nom.) porcelain planks, 94 ½” long hollow, galvanized steel beams, Eterno ‘Maxi’ adjustable height pedestals and pedestal head caps. No other components or fixing devices are required. Steel beams are supplied precut to 94 ½” which is the exact width of 8 porcelain planks. Only at the perimeter of the area to be covered, would any steel beams normally need to be cut.

Plank size: 94 ¼” x 11 11/16” (2395mm x 297mm)
Plank thickness: ¾” (18mm)
Plank weight: 67lb ea. (30.6kg)
Steel beam dimensions: 2 3/8” x 11/16” x 94 ½” (2400mm)

For the purposes of estimating and ordering, the following should be used as a guide for calculating the requirements of each component, based on the area to be covered.

Porcelain planks: 7.75 sq.ft. per plank (including spacers)
Steel beams:  7’ per 10 sq.ft. (each beam 94 ½” long and 16lb. weight)
Pedestal head caps: 5.5 pcs. per 10 sq.ft.
Pedestals: 3.25 pedestals per 10 sq.ft. (pedestal height depends on site requirements)


The primary requirement for installation of the DeckWay pedestal paver system is a surface which is solid, clean and sloping slightly for drainage and a solid perimeter containment such as a parapet wall on a rooftop deck, which will prevent the elevated surface from moving.

Firstly, mark out horizontal lines 24” apart over the area to be laid using chalk. Then mark the approx. position for placement of the Eterno ‘Maxi’ pedestals along these lines, also at 24” spacing, to form a grid. The pedestals around the perimeter should be placed as close to the parapet wall as possible. Calculate the number of porcelain planks required to span the area and optimize the positioning so that no plank at either perimeter will be cut to less than 4” in width.  Place the pedestals in the position you have previously marked with chalk, selecting the appropriate height pedestal to ensure a final level surface.

The 94 ½” long steel beams are then placed over the pedestal heads and secured in place with the pedestal caps, with the end of each beam centered on a pedestal head. Check for level as each beam is installed. Beams are installed in a parallel array with 24” between each beam on center.

When all beams are in place, the entire array should be re-checked for level, with small adjustments being made by adjusting the ‘screwjack’ pedestals up or down to ensure a perfectly level deck surface.


Laying out pedestals

Installing pedestal paver planks

Finished deck

Once all the beams are level, the porcelain planks are laid perpendicular to the steel beams and resting on the rubber head of the pedestal caps.  The pedestal caps are slid along the steel beams so the inbuilt tabs butt tightly against the porcelain planks. Spacer tabs are easily snapped off where not required.

The entire deck is laid in likewise manner, ensuring that the ends of each plank are situated on the center of a pedestal head.

For a visual overview of how to install the DeckWay system, please see the video below:


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