Pedestals for Wood Decks

How to build a traditional wood plank deck with a pedestal system

Construct a traditional wood plank deck in less time, with less work and lower cost on rooftops, plazas, terraces and garage roofs. No expensive, complex substructure of steel beams or structural supports is required, apart from the bearers used to attach the decking.  With a pedestal system, you simply place the pedestals at defined intervals across the surface, adjusting the height as necessary to compensate for sloping substrates and screw wood bearers to the heads of the pedestals. The wood planks are placed over the bearers and secured in the traditional manner using screws, nails or clips.

The broad based, stable, adjustable joist supports avoid damage to waterproof membranes, permit easy accessibility for maintenance or repairs to the membrane and concealed services below, allow air to circulate freely under the deck and water to flow easily to drains.




See the video below for guidance on the installation technique for constructing a wood plank deck with the Eterno pedestal system.