Pedestal Estimator

Estimate your pedestal and paver requirements online

Pedestal Estimator

Want to know how many pavers and pedestal supports of each height you’ll need for your elevated deck? Use our Online Pedestal Estimator here.

You can either load a project image or draw the outline of your project directly on the grid. You just need to input the heights at all transition points around the perimeter, define the position and depth of any drainage points and the Pedestal Estimator will do all the calculations for you.  Using the many online tools available, you can:

  • change the type and size of paver being used
  • change the model of pedestal (Eterno SE or Eterno Maxi)
  • select the laying configuration (stack bond or running bond)
  • add an additional center pedestal for the pavers (if required)
  • choose different starting points for laying the pavers
  • create alternative starting points to minimize waste when cutting pavers
  • specify the angle of laying across the area
  • specify areas which are to be excluded from paving
  • automatically calculate heights around the perimeter of excluded areas
  • calculate heights at perimeter points from the known slope


Best of all, any changes you make are instantly updated.



After the program has calculated the pedestals and pavers required for a specific configuration, you can view the output online, or print or save as PDF files.  The PDF documents not only provide a summary of the quantity and size of each pedestal and the number of full size pavers required,  but also display detailed images of pedestal and paver placement, slope lines and length and height measurements.
A selection of the output images is shown below.



The online estimator is available with immediate access to all Archatrak customers at no charge, but if you find it too challenging to use or would prefer us to make the pedestal/paver estimation for your project, send us all the details of your project including all measurements, heights around the perimeter, slopes, drainage points etc. and we would be happy to provide you with our estimate.

If you would like to use the pedestal paver estimator yourself and have already registered, click here to go to the login page.  Otherwise, click here to register for immediate access.