Elevated Roof Pavers

Pedestal supported roof pavers for rooftop decks & terraces

Create stunning rooftop decks and roof terraces with pedestal supported elevated roof pavers. Just 3/4″ thick and able to support up to 2000lb, structural porcelain pavers offer outstanding stain and frost resistance, a superb choice of colors plus exceptionally low maintenance and at less than half the weight of concrete pavers, are much easier to transport, deliver and install on roof deck job sites.

By using adjustable height roof pavers with pedestal supports, no extensive substructures are needed and risk of damage to waterproof membranes is avoided. Typically, 24″ x 24″ or 24″ x 48″ pavers are directly supported with a pedestal placed under each corner, whilst narrower 12″ or 8″ wide plank style porcelain pavers are supported by a parallel array of steel beams, in turn supported by adjustable height pedestals.

pedestal supported pavers for roof decks

Pedestal supported porcelain pavers

rails supported pavers for roof decks

Rail supported porcelain planks

Further details of pedestal supported paver installations are given on our Installation page.

Photos of rooftop decks projects using our porcelain pavers can be seen on our Gallery page.

For elevated decks in high wind locations, Archatrak supplies steel protection plates for attachment to the underside of the porcelain pavers, which in turn are secured to the pedestals by a screw and washer assembly. Steel protection plates or self-adhesive protection sheets should also be used in high traffic commercial applications such as restaurants or bars to provide security and safety protection against the possibility of damage or break-through. For details of the Archatrak wind uplift and break-through protection solutions, see our Safety & Security page.

To complement and enhance your rooftop deck installations we offer a range of modular planters featuring interchangeable porcelain paver side panels, giving the option of over 35 colors.

Elevated paver installations can now be kept free of snow by our Heatizon snow melt system. Whether its just a narrow walkway or a complete roof deck, this simple electrical based system is much less complicated and easier to install than pumped water systems. The system can also be retrofitted to existing elevated roof deck installations.