SE Series Pedestals

Self-Leveling Adjustable Height Pedestals with Bicomponent Head

The Eterno SE range of adjustable height pedestals from Archatrak enables you to install a wide range of decking or paving products supported over rooftops for rooftop decks, terraces and gardens, as well as plazas, patios, or anywhere you want to build an elevated deck. As well as porcelain pavers, concrete pavers and stone pavers, you can also build a traditional wood plank deck over wood bearers which are simply screwed to a special supporting bracket on the pedestal head.  No matter what the application, this screw-to-adjust pedestal paving system guarantees a perfectly level and smooth decking surface, enabling you to build sturdy and stunning looking decks over flat roofs, cracked concrete patios, terraces, sidewalks, around swimming pools and much more.

The Eterno SE range of adjustable height pedestals is the only screwjack type pedestal paving system that offers the simplicity and time saving benefit of a self leveling, noise reducing head and the ability to make minor height adjustments from above, even after complete installation of the deck.

And with Eterno SE pedestals, there’s no need to fiddle with inserting individual spacer tabs in each head, no need to add separate shims for extra noise or shock protection, no need for slope adjusting components and no need to cut lengths of plastic pipe to precise dimensions.

You’re sure to find that using Eterno SE adjustable height deck supports in conjunction with porcelain pavers, is without doubt, the quickest and simplest pedestal decking system for building elevated decks.

Benefits of the Eterno SE Series Deck Supports

  • capability of supporting loads of over 2000lb
  • self adjusting heads automatically compensate for sloping substrates up to 5%
  • screwed columns enable continuous incremental height adjustment from approx. 1 1/2″ to over 21″
  • inbuilt spacer tabs save time and effort of inserting multiple tabs into every pedestal head
  • bi-material heads with soft rubber surface provide superior sound deadening and shock protection
  • safety stops prevent pedestal components from being unscrewed beyond their safe working limit
  • scored lines on the pedestal base provide an easy guide when cutting pedestals to fit flush against wall
  • special height adjustment tool enables paver height to be adjusted from above even after installation is complete
  • wide circular base ensures even load distribution and avoids damage to waterproof membranes
  • lightweight but strong and durable polypropylene construction

Components of the Eterno SE Series Pedestal System

From 1.125″ to 8.5″, (models SE0 to SE5) the pedestals consist of a circular base component, a threaded central column and a self leveling head.

Below 1.125″, stackable fixed height support pads as little as 3/8″ thickness are normally used to build up heights incrementally. Shims are used to make minor height adjustments as required.

For heights from 8.5″ to 21.75″, screwed extension elements are inserted between the central column and base components to provide extra height.

The special Eterno height adjustment tool enables you to precisely level the pavers after installation without having to lift or remove any pavers. You simply insert the tool from above into a slot in the pedestal head via the gap between the pavers and turn it clockwise or anticlockwise to adjust the height.

Perimeter Spacer Clips can be used on the outer row of pedestals to maintain a recommended 1/8”-1/4” gap between the perimeter paver edge and vertical walls. The clips gently hold pavers against pedestal head spacer tabs, preventing paver movement after the install and possible damage from shifting pavers rubbing against the wall.

Sizes of pedestals in the Eterno SE pedestal paving system

A comprehensive catalog for the Eterno series of adjustable height supports can be downloaded from our Brochures page.
A video showing the installation procedure for a pedestal paver system using Eterno pedestals can be seen here.

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