NM Series Pedestals

Adjustable Paving Support with Bicomponent Head

The Eterno NM ‘Maxi’ range of adjustable deck supports from Archatrak is the very definition of strength and reliability. This range of adjustable pedestals features a cost saving fixed head (rather than the self-leveling head on the SE range of pedestals) while retaining classic Eterno pedestal features – complete adjustable height control during and after installation, anti-slip, noise reducing rubber head with inbuilt spacer tabs and strong, UV resistant, polypropylene components.

When installed on sloping surfaces, shims are placed on the pedestal head to ensure a level support surface, each shim providing slope compensation of 1%.

Suited for any elevated paving application, either laid over sloping ground, on rooftop decks, terraces, balconies or patios and using either porcelain pavers, concrete pavers or structural wood deck tiles, the NM ‘Maxi’ Series is an elegant, cost effective solution for all your elevated deck support needs.


Benefits of the Eterno ‘Maxi’ Pedestal System

  • Just five pedestals cover the height range from 1″ to 11″
  • Only three main components – base, column, head – simpler to order and assemble
  • Adding screwed extension elements can achieve deck elevations up to 39″
  • Extra wide 4 1/2″ diam. column and fixed head ensures excellent stability particularly at higher deck elevations
  • Screwed columns allow continuous incremental adjustment of height
  • Extra high load bearing capacity
  • Inbuilt lugs on extension elements enable guy wires to be used for stabilization at higher elevations
  • Bi-material head provides superior sound deadening and shock protection
  • Stackable shims placed on pedestals heads provide slope adjustment from 1% to 4%
  • Height adjustment tool enables adjustments to be made even after all pavers are laid
  • Wide circular base ensures even load distribution and avoids damage to waterproof membranes

Components of the Eterno ‘Maxi’ Pedestal System

From 1″ to 10 7/8″, (models NMK1 to NMK5) the deck supports consist of a circular base component, and a threaded central column.

Below 1″,  stackable fixed height support pads as little as 3/8″ thickness are normally used to build up heights incrementally. Shims are used to make minor height adjustments as required

For heights from 7 7/8″ to 39″, screwed extension elements are inserted between the central column and base components, each element enabling a height increase of 4 1/4″.

The special Eterno height adjustment tool enables you to precisely level the pavers after installation without having to lift or remove any pavers. You simply insert the tool from above into a slot in the pedestal head via the gap between the pavers and turn it clockwise or anticlockwise to adjust the height.

Perimeter Spacer Clips can be used on the outer row of pedestals to maintain a recommended 1/8”-1/4” gap between the perimeter paver edge and vertical walls. The clips gently hold pavers against pedestal head spacer tabs, preventing paver movement after the install and possible damage from shifting pavers rubbing against the wall.




A comprehensive catalog for the Eterno series of adjustable deck supports which includes the ‘Maxi’ series can be downloaded from our Brochures page. More details of this range of pedestals including more comprehensive installation guides can be seen here.