Pool Decking

Easy to lay porcelain pool surrounds

Most pool owners are familiar with the challenge of what to put on the area surrounding the pool. No one wants to settle for boring concrete, and many worry about slippery ceramic tiles.

You need a tile that stands up to heavy activity, food, grease and drink stains, has a high anti-slip R11 finish, and one that continues looking good throughout the year with very little maintenance. And of course you want any surfacing material to be reasonable in cost but enhance your beautiful and relaxing pool space.

Fortunately Archatrak porcelain pavers can easily meet this challenge. With Archatrak pavers, all that’s required is a concrete slab, well compacted sand and gravel or grass surface around the pool.


Oak look alike roof deck pavers

Porcelain pavers on hotel pool deck – Kauri

If your pool is surrounded by concrete, Archatrak porcelain pavers can be easily and quickly installed on our Fixed Height Rubber Pads or bedded in thinset and grouted.

If your pool is surrounded by raw ground or grass, ideally you would lay the tiles a on bed of well compacted sand and gravel, but you can still lay the tiles over bare earth, provided a few precautions are taken. In particular you need to ensure the surface is very firm and quite smooth (not bumpy) and lay a weed control mat under the pavers. If laying the pavers on grass, for best results remove the grass where pavers will sit so that the paver remains stable and the surface is flush with the grass.

If your pool is curved, you can cut porcelain pavers to fit the curve of the pool wall with just a small hand grinder fitted with a proper blade, but for optimum results we suggest locating a tile shop that has a water jet saw. It’s best to make a template with a piece of stiff cardboard to avoid making any cutting mistakes and ensure you have a snug fit against the pool wall.


Oak look alike roof deck pavers

Pool deck pavers – Geos

Pool edging, ledges, steps, grids and other trim pieces are also available for achieving your exclusive design solutions.

For further information on using porcelain pavers for areas around swimming pools or if you have a question about your particular situation, just give us a call on 866 206 8316 or send us an e-mail.