Resurface existing pathways or walkways

Why use heavy concrete, brittle stone or boring brick pavers that easily deteriorate from the effects of weather, when you can choose structural grade, lightweight 3/4″ thick exterior porcelain pavers which are superior looking and highly resistant to freeze/thaw cracking, harboring mildew, cracking, chipping and scratching?

Archatrak porcelain pavers are available in a wide range of colors and styles, such as wood, cement, stone, rustic and modern, and come in 24″ x 24″, 12″ x “48”, 16″ x 48″ and 24″ x 48″ sizes as well as 8″ x 12″ and 8″ x 8″ cobblestone pavers to accommodate numerous pathway designs.

Oak look alike roof deck pavers

Porcelain paver path in Ash

For landscape paving and walkways, porcelain pavers can be dry laid on a prepared sand and gravel bed. Further installation details and instructions for this type of application can be found here.

Like any backyard paver, Archatrak porcelain pavers can also be laid directly on grass. But for a more stable and clean installation, the grass can be removed and paver laid in its place, bringing the paver surface flush with the ground level and eliminating possible tripping hazards.

For further information on using porcelain pavers and cobblestones for walkways or pathways or if you have a question about your particular situation, just give us a call on 866 206 8316 or send us an e-mail.