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Sample Books

To assist in color selection of our porcelain pavers and to provide a convenient format for storing samples in product libraries, sample books containing  either 4 pcs. or 8 pcs. of 4″ x 2 1/2″ samples are available to architects, landscape architects, designers and specifiers on request.

Samples in these free standing 7″ x 10″ books can easily be removed as required for displaying individual colors to clients.


Single Samples

Single 4″ x 4″ samples of all porcelain pavers in our range are available either by calling 866 206 8316, emailing us or go to the Colors & Styles page, click on the color you like to bring up the Product Detail page, then click the Add Sample to Cart button at the bottom of this page.

Please be aware that with any ceramic or porcelain tile, you can expect some variation in color, shade or feature from tile to tile. In fact with modern tile manufacturing and coloring processes, tiles are specifically produced with a multitude of slightly different images, coloring or shade within each production batch, to better mimic the differences in color, shade, variation and veining occurring in natural stone. Consequently a small sample may not necessarily represent the precise color or shade of either the complete paver or a batch of pavers.

Samples are normally shipped by UPS Priority Mail small boxes.

Larger 8″ x 8″ samples can also be supplied on request, subject to availability. A shipping and handling charge applies with larger samples.