Mixy Wood Planters

Steel framed Ipe wood modular planters

Mixy Wood planters feature a grey powder coated, galvanized steel frame, two side panels of 3/4″ thick Ipe wood slats and powder coated steel panels on both ends.

Adjustable height ‘feet’ on the base of the planters provide leveling capability and ensure planters don’t rock on uneven surfaces. Wheels can be supplied as an option.

Mixy Wood planters are supplied as a flat pack for ease of transportation and assembly on site.  The planters are assembled by bolting the components together.


Mixy Wood planters are available in four standard sizes – all 23 3/4″ high. Mixy 30 planters feature flat powder coated steel end panels. Mixy 60 planters offer the option of panels with a laser cut design.




Each flat pack kit consists of two end panels, a base panel and two top brackets of powder coated steel, four adjustable height legs, two Ipe wood panels and bolts for assembly. The wood panels are slid into channels formed in the end panels, the base and top mounting brackets. The top brackets stabilize the planter and hold the tiles securely in position. Because no screws are used to join any wood components together, apart from screws holding the wood slats in position, potential decay around screw holes is eliminated, which is generally the primary cause of failure in many wood planters.

We normally use Ipe wood sourced from Bolivia in construction of our wood planters because of its unrivaled hardness, durability and excellent weathering properties.  However we can also supply wood planters in Black Locust, another highly durable wood species, but harvested from sustainably managed USA forest resources.

Wood Care & Maintenance

Mixy Wood planters are supplied with no pre-coating of oil or other protective finish. Although Ipe wood will normally remain free of decay for many years, it will gradually turn grey when exposed to direct sunlight and take on a more uniform appearance. To maintain the attractive, rich look of the wood for as long as possible, we strongly advise coating the exterior face of the planters with a good quality oil or sealer prior to assembly and again at regular intervals thereafter, the frequency depending on local conditions and degree of exposure of the planters to the elements.

Although we have not evaluated the very wide range of penetrating oils commercially available, we suggest considering one of the following products.
TWP 1500 Stain
Defy Extreme Stain
Armstrong Clark Stain
Restore-A-Deck Wood Stain

A film forming product could also be used, such as Sikkens Cetol (now branded as PPG Proluxe), an oil-based, translucent exterior wood finish. This product has a very good reputation and will generally maintain the wood color longer than penetrating deck oils, but the wood surface should nevertheless be inspected regularly to check film integrity and absence of peeling.

Planter Liners

Since planting media should never remain in direct contact with wood, we supply drop-in liners of welded EPDM, specifically designed to suit each size planter. For a lower cost option, you could consider running a continuous sheet of EPDM pond liner around the inside of the planter, cut to the height of the planter, and stapled to the wood sides. To accommodate this solution, we can supply a plastic base liner with low wall height and drain hole.  The base liner is placed in position first and the EPDM liner installed so it overlaps the plastic liner.