StreetDeck Modular Decks

Modular decks for parklets and curbside seating

Archatrax ‘StreetDeck’ is a modular deck system that enables you to build self-contained raised decks or parklets on sidewalks, roadways or any hard surface where you need a perfectly level, solid, stable, stand-alone exterior surface, irrespective of the slope of the substrate.

Designed for quick and easy assembly and disassembly, each deck kit includes all components needed to construct a small stand-alone parklet, avoiding expensive design, fabrication and installation costs. The basic deck kit comprises bolt together stainless steel perimeter modules, porcelain pavers for the deck surface, adjustable height pedestals to support the perimeter and pavers, deck to ground perimeter fascia panels and all necessary brackets and fixings to assemble the modular deck.

Additional components including ramps, planters, screen panels, railings, bench seating and bicycle racks can be added for a fully integrated design, but still enabling the creation of a customized, ‘one-of-a-kind’ structure.

StreetDeck was specifically designed to avoid the shortcomings of many custom designed parklets or modular deck kits.

  • Uses a minimal number of modular components
  • Has a strong, fully integrated perimeter
  • Can be easily disassembled and reassembled multiple times without damage
  • Can be assembled with unskilled labor and minimum tools
  • Is readily scalable in length and width
  • Includes a range of fully integrated components (planters, benches, railings and panels)
  • Supports the installation of custom components and furniture
  • Durable, stain resistant, resistant to wear and tear
  • Exceptionally low maintenance
  • Ensures perfectly level deck surfaces irrespective of the substrate
  • Avoids the need for architectural design work
  • Provides ADA compliant access
  • More affordable than custom designs

The basic StreetDeck structure comprises a brushed stainless steel perimeter enclosing a deck surfaced with porcelain pavers. Both the perimeter and pavers are supported by adjustable height pedestals to allow easy height adjustment over sloping surfaces. The deck surface exclusively uses ¾” thick porcelain pavers due to their wide range of colors and styles (including wood, stone, cement and rustic styles), their excellent wear resistance, stain resistance, low maintenance, ease of transportation, simplicity of installation and modularity. Aluminum faced sandwich panels, cut to size on site, provide complete fascia coverage between the perimeter profile and the roadway if required, irrespective of the slope of the roadway or sidewalk.

Our StreetDeck modular deck system has been designed to comply with guidelines and specifications developed by many cities for creating small public spaces (commonly known as parklets, people spots, street seats, pocket parks, streateries etc.) as far as possible. However each authority generally has its own set of rules and regulations, so it’s important to check these first to confirm our StreetDeck system complies with all requirements.

Links to websites and downloadable documents detailing the planning and approval process, design considerations and other pertinent information for a number of major cities who have developed parklet programs are provided in our Resources Guide.

Constructing a Archatrak StreetDeck modular deck

Basic elements of Archatrak ‘StreetDeck’ – perimeter and pedestal supports

The unique modular design keeps costs of architectural services, construction drawings and concept renderings to an absolute minimum.  And more importantly, it enables a typical deck to be completely built in just a few hours, not days or weeks, without specialized labor, skills or tools, heavy lifting equipment, or final painting and finishing.

Need to extend your deck? No problem. Just bolt on additional perimeter modules and lay extra pedestals and pavers. Disassembly is just as quick. Just lift off the porcelain pavers, unbolt the perimeter sections and fascia panels, remove the pedestals and stow everything away until you need to install the deck again. Since the components are so compact, StreetDeck is much easier to store and re-assemble where parklets are required to be removed over winter.

Customization? We well understand the need for parklets to have their own unique features and appeal. But we also know that designing, building and assembling a conventional framed deck parklet with perimeter containment is very expensive. And some local authorities specify the use of “special paving materials to differentiate the unique open space function (of the parklet) from the normal sidewalk or median” whilst other authorities no longer permit the use of tropical hardwoods for the deck surface. And that’s one of the key benefits of the Archatrak StreetDeck system.  You can select from over 35 colors of Archatrak porcelain pavers for your deck surface including colors and styles that resemble natural wood or stone plus styles with a cement or rustic look.

And with our closely integrated range of StreetDeck accessories which includes planters, benches and side panels, you have even more customization options with a choice of over 35 colors for the porcelain tile side panels of our ‘Mixy’ series planters and bench seats.

Where Can Modular Decks be Used?

  • Public Parklets. Also known as people spots, street seats, streateries, curbside seating or curbside cafes, parklets typically refer to the conversion of one or more street parking spaces into a small public ‘park’ by extending the sidewalk onto an adjacent raised deck with perimeter containment.
  • Pocket Parks. Small, active public spaces created in the existing public right-of-way. They can be located in medians, curb extensions, or in the furnishings zone on sufficiently wide sidewalks.
  • Sidewalk Café Extensions. Used to delineate an area on the sidewalk adjacent to a food outlet typically both food and liquor table service.
  • Public Landscape Lounges. Combine diverse seating options with abundant plantings to create pleasing locations for relaxation.
  • Display Stages. Temporary or permanent raised platforms, can provide a focal point for displaying products. (not recommended for automotive displays)
  • Temporary Outdoor Seating. Create temporary ‘islands’ for additional tables and chairs at trade shows, exhibitions.
  • Special Event Flooring. Provides rental opportunities for temporary outdoor dance floors, wedding receptions and other special events.

Why Choose Archatrak StreetDeck Modular Decks?

Just a few tools – tape measure, spirit level, spanners, screwdriver, jigsaw (for cutting perimeter panels)  – are all you need to build your deck. Lay out the pedestals, assemble the stainless steel perimeter, cut and attach the fascia panels, attach any required brackets for holding down planters and/or panels and place the porcelain pavers over the pedestals.
The modular design massively reduces design costs, construction and assembly costs. Supplied as a ‘kit-set’ of perimeter profiles, pedestals, fascia panels, mounting brackets and pavers, no customized components or expensive labor is necessary to build the parklet.

Everything you need to build a complete raised deck or parklet is included in our kit. You specify the deck size, we supply the exact materials you need.
With over 35 colors of porcelain pavers to choose from including wood, stone, rustic and cement look, you have an exceptional opportunity to express the individuality of your deck. And although we supply an integrated range of planters and benches, you have the option of installing any other accessories you like.
Adjustable height pedestals easily deal with road crowns, sloping surfaces and gutters, ensuring a perfectly level surface. Transition plates avoid gaps between deck surface and sidewalk and integrated ramps are available to deal with more challenging surface conditions.
Custom built parklets typically cost in excess of $15K for a 20’ long road space, yet their lifespan can be as short as 2 years in cold climates if broken down each year, with removal of bolts, nails and screws taking a huge toll on the substructure components.
Porcelain pavers don’t need applications of sealers or protective coatings nor any fixed schedule maintenance programs. Not only are they resistant to grease and oil stains, but washing with water and maybe brushing with a stiff broom from time to time is all that’s normally required to remove dirt and organic matter (grass, soil, leaves etc.) and keep the pavers in top condition.
In locations where parklets must be removed over winter to give access to snow clearing, disassembly is a simple matter of lifting off the pavers, unbolting the perimeter profiles and fascia panels and storing them away with the pedestals until next season.
Our Mixy planters are specifically designed with the needs of StreetDeck in mind. These 12″ wide planters take up minimal room on the deck but are securely fixed to the perimeter with steel brackets and bolts. Aluminum or stainless steel railings can be supplied and bike racks can be bolted to the planter boxes. Benches with a porcelain paver seat to complement the planters and/or deck surface are also available.