StreetDeck Accessories

Planters, fence railings, benches and access ramps for Archatrak StreetDeck

Most parklets contain built in planter boxes for landscaping, seating, access ramps, and fencing for safety and containment. These items can be locally sourced and with a little ingenuity the StreetDeck frame should accommodate accessories being attached to it. When considering how to secure items to the frame be aware that pavers are 24″ wide (nominal) and the gap between pavers is 1/8″. These dimensions are important if custom brackets fixed to the frame below are intended to protrude the gap between pavers and attach to accessories.

Alternatively, a range of add-on components including galvanized steel planters, railings, benches, access ramps, necessary brackets and hardware, all sized to seamlessly integrate with the deck frame, are available as ‘kit’ items to complement StreetDeck. Custom sizes are possible and you choose the number of each item for creating your unique parklet.


Galvanized steel planters are comprised of sidewalls that bolt together, an interior adjustable platform for setting soil container height, soil container with drain hose, feet which slightly elevate planter off the deck surface, and brackets to secure planter to deck frame.

While the standard kit size is W24″ x D12″ x H36″, custom heights can be ordered to accommodate local regulations and design preferences. Width and depth cannot be altered as this would interfere with bracket positioning for fixing planters to the deck frame.

Planters are supplied as a flat pack which can be assembled on site. This can be a significant benefit where modular decks must be removed over the Winter period.


Galvanized steel, flat packed benches span the distance between two planters and are supplied with brackets for attaching to planter sidewalls and front edge legs for added support.

Benches for a traditional 6′ wide roadside parklet are W36″ x D12″ for connecting the end planters and W48″ x D12″ for connecting planters along the outer edge facing traffic.

Fence Railings

Like planters, galvanized steel fence railing modules span two adjacent planters and are supplied with bolts for attaching to planter sidewalls.

Fence modules are 36″ wide for connecting the end planters and 48″ wide for connecting planters along the outer traffic edge. The standard top-of-railing height is 36″ from the paver deck surface but be custom ordered to suit regulations and design preferences.

Access Ramps

W48″ x 16″D galvanized steel ramps are supplied with brackets that bolt to the StreetDeck frame and minimize any trip hazard when entering and  exiting the parklet by spanning the gap between the sidewalk and deck. The access ramp does not need fastened to the sidewalk or street and is available in 48″ modules, allowing for multiple ramps to be attached to StreetDeck per city requirements or personal preference.

If you have any questions or want to discuss a specific StreetDeck project, just call us at 866-206-8316 or send us an email.