LEED credits

Potential LEED credits

The LEED-NC rating system for New Construction & Major Renovations is broken down into 5 categories:

  • Sustainable Sites
  • Water Efficiency
  • Energy & Atmosphere
  • Materials & Resources
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Innovation & Design Process

LEED credits may be earned by the use of Archatrak porcelain pavers in the various categories. The information presented below specifically refers to the Kronos range of pavers imported exclusively by Archatrak.

Sustainable Sites:

Refers to reduction in environmental damage, pollution and other harmful effects due to building construction including the heat island effect created in urban environments by paved surfaces

SS Credit 7.1 – Heat Island Effect: Non Roof (1 LEED point)
The majority of Kronos pavers do not contribute to a change in the energy balance of the environments where they are installed. They don’t produce any Urban Heat Island Effect, thanks to the high Solar Reflectance Index SRI ≥ 29. (see SRI figures for each Kronos paver here).

Energy & Atmosphere:

Refers to energy efficiency within buildings and prevention of ozone depletion.
Use of renewable on-site energy and the use of green power are credits available to building owners.

EA Credit 1 – Optimize Energy Performance (1-10 LEED points)
Thermal conductivity λ of Kronos porcelain tiles is 0.75 Btu/ft h °F (1.3 Watt/m°K or 1.1 Kcal/m h °C).

Materials & Resources:

Focus on recycled material, reclaim and reuse

MR Credit 4.2 – Recycled Content, 20% (post-consumer + ½ pre-consumer): (2 LEED points)
Kronos pavers are produced with 40% of pre-consumer recycled materials.

MR Credit 5.2 – Regional Materials, 20% Extracted, Processed & Manufactured Regionally: (2 LEED points)
Use of materials harvested, extracted, recovered and manufactured within 500 miles of the project.
45% of Kronos Ceramiche raw materials are quarried within 500 miles radius of the manufacturing plants. Therefore Kronos products contribute 45% of their value to the LEED Credits of this Section.

Indoor Environmental Quality:

Emphasis on providing a healthy indoor environment.

EQ Credit 4.2 – Low-Emitting Materials, Paints & Coatings: (1 LEED point)
No traces of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) are present in Kronos pavers (as certified by independent laboratory tests).

Innovation & Design Process:

Provides recognition for innovative design strategies that may not be reflected within the credits otherwise provided by LEED

ID Credit 1.1 – 1.4 Innovation in Design: (1-4 LEED points)
Requires documentation to describe the proposed project design, how it exceeds current requirements, and demonstrate compliance and strategies to meet the requirements.

Kronos pavers are produced in manufacturing plants with environmental management systems compliant to ISO 14001:2004 and EMAS (European Council Regulation 761/2001) and which have received the prestigious ecological mark ECOLABEL (EU Regulation 2002/272/EC).

These environmental standards relate to safeguarding the environment and undertaking continuous improvement in environmental standards for both products and manufacturing sites and ensuring the healthcare of the workforce.

Specific initiatives that Kronos Ceramiche have implemented in recent years include:

  • reducing CO2 emissions by more than 17% with new investment planned for further reduction
  • utilizing heat generated during the production process
  • using electricity derived from co-generation and hydroelectric power
  • collecting and reusing 100% of the waste-water produced during the manufacturing process
  • using packaging materials produced from recycled paper