Snow Melt System

The most versatile and easiest to install system for snow-free pavers

The Heatizon snow melt system is the most economical, flexible and easy to install solution for a snow free surface on pedestal supported pavers laid on elevated rooftop decks, terraces, patios or walkways – commercial or residential. It does not rely on expensive boilers, pumps, gas connections or a complicated network of pipes, valves and manifolds, nor does it need engineers to design the layout, piping and system specs. or require certified installers for installation.  Instead the Heatizon snow melt system works via the simplicity of running insulated electrical heating cables along channels in modular aluminum panels installed under the paving slabs.

Where Can the Heatizon Snow Melting System be Used?

The Heatizon system can efficiently snowmelt practically any elevated paver installation.  It can be installed under most pedestal supported porcelain, concrete or stone pavers on terraces, patios, roof decks, walkways or exterior paved areas. It just requires a minimum 1 3/4” clearance under the pavers to accommodate the aluminum tray and polyurethane insulation and allow for adequate drainage under the pavers. There are no restrictions on the minimum or maximum area for installation (other than electrical supply considerations) and the heated section can easily be confined to specific zones within a paved area or just a section of a 24″ wide paver if required. It just requires access to electrical supply and a location to mount the electrical control box.

For installation, aluminum support brackets 4” wide are firstly positioned on the pedestal heads to span adjacent pedestals. A polyurethane foam sheet is laid over the support brackets and an aluminum tray with V shaped channels for the heating element is then placed over the foam sheet. The heating cable is laid in the channels, run the full length of area to be heated and returned to a common electrical connection point. Finally, the heating cable is connected to a control box with timer for manual activation or aerial snow switch to activate heating when moisture is detected and the ambient temperature is below a selectable set point in the range 34° – 44°F .


Components of the snow melt system

Snow melt system in operation

Evenly distributed heat on pavers

What makes Heatizon the Best Snow Melting System?

  • quick and easy to install
  • much lower installation costs than fluid circulation systems
  • no pipes, valves, manifolds, boilers, pumps or tanks required
  • can be used on any size area, small or large
  • can create zones with greater or lesser heating capacity
  • can add or remove heating panels any time
  • can be retrofitted to an existing paved area
  • requires only 1.75” clearance under the pavers
  • doesn’t increase the overall height of the deck
  • aluminum panels can be cut to suit any size paver
  • no certified tradespersons required except for final hookup to the control box
  • minimal ongoing maintenance costs


Panel size: 23.5” x 23.5” (other sizes on request)
Profile height: 1 5/16” including insulation
Material: Aluminum sheet with polyurethane insulation
Heating element: Mineral insulated resistance cable
Power consumption (typical): 40W per sq. ft.

Estimating and Ordering

Simply send us a rough sketch of the elevated deck indicating all pavers you want to be snow free, let us know the location and load capacity of your electrical connection(s)  and we’ll email you a quote with the total supply cost including shipping. All components are shipped direct from the factory in Utah.