Sound Absorbing Pads

Closed cell, sound absorbing pads for noise reduction

In certain circumstances with elevated roof deck installations, there can be a need to limit transmission of noise to residential or office areas below. With conventional pedestal supports, the hard polypropylene composition does little to absorb noise from pedestrian traffic since the pedestals are typically placed directly over the roof surface and may have no sound absorbing shims or pads between the paver and pedestal heads. With the Eterno range of pedestals however, the special bicomponent head can reduce noise by up to 25dB.

But for further noise reduction, Archatrak can supply 1/8″ thick high-density closed-cell foam insulation pads for placement under the base of either SE or Maxi pedestals. These pads can also reduce noise transmission by more than 25dB.


Sound absorbing pads under NM pedestals

                NM4 with  pad