Estimating & Ordering

How to estimate how many pedestals you'll need

The number of pedestals you’ll require for your project depends on the following:

  • The total number of tiles or pavers used
  • The dimensions of the tiles or pavers
  • The weight of the tiles or pavers – larger or heavier pavers may require an additional central pedestal per paver
  • The shape of the area to be covered – the more irregular it is shaped, the more pedestals you’re likely to need
  • The anticipated loading on the deck
  • The amount of pedestrian traffic anticipated (commercial applications)
  • The finished height of the deck

As a guide, the following formula can be used if the area is a simple rectangle or square:

  • Count the number of pavers or tiles along the width and the depth and add one to each of these numbers
  • Multiply these numbers together to give the minimum number of pedestals required.

This will only give an approximate figure. Estimating the number of pedestals of each height when the surface is sloping or uneven is more complex. While this can be estimated in many cases by drawing the deck plan on a sheet of graph paper, we have developed a software program which will quickly and easily calculate both the number and size of adjustable height pedestals and pavers required to cover a specific area, irrespective of the shape, size or slope of the area.  With our our pedestal estimator, you can quickly check different laying configurations, choose different starting positions for laying pavers, select the angle of laying across the area, insert multiple drainage points and then receive an instant print-out of the location of all pedestals and pavers with a summary of the types and numbers of pedestals required.  You can access our convenient online pedestal estimator here .
Note however that the following information is still required to provide the estimate.

  • Measurements of all sides around the perimeter
  • Final deck height at all transition points on the perimeter
  • Areas to be excluded (not paved)
  • Location and height of the deck at all drainage points
  • Paver or tile dimensions – L x W and thickness

In many cases, if you don’t have all perimeter and drainage point heights, the program can calculate heights if alternatively you know the slope from reference points on the perimeter.
We  have tried to make the pedestal estimator as easy to use as possible, but if you have any problems or would rather not use the software yourself, just send us a sketch with the details mentioned above included and we’ll complete the estimate for you.

CAD drawings of Eterno pedestals can be downloaded from the Archatrak product page at
Specification data for submittals can be download from our Download Literature page.

Our Pedestal Return Policy

Since it is difficult to precisely estimate not only the heights of pedestals which may be required for a particular job, but also the number of pedestals required, Archatrak does not assume any liability or responsibility for any claims arising from or related to the quantities, sizes and types of pedestals, pavers or tiles or accessories which may have been estimated by Archatrak in any quotation or sales order.

You and and/your contractor are responsible for verifying that all the dimensions/elevations of the project are accurate, and that the quantities and sizes of components meet the requirements of your project.

Archatrak does however accept the return of excess pedestals ordered, subject to the following conditions.

  • The quantity of each item to be returned must be confirmed with Archatrak before dispatch. Archatrak will then confirm the address of the warehouse to which the return is to be made.
  • An RMA (return merchandise authorization) will be issued by Archatrak specifying the product name(s) of items being returned and the quantities of each item. This RMA must be enclosed with the return shipment.
  • All returned products must be received in clean, as new condition suitable for resale, with no scratches, marks, damage or missing components.
  • Products must be returned in separate boxes or bags for each product item (SE1, SE2 etc.) with each box/bag clearly marked with the product item name and quantity. A master carton may be used to enclose boxes/bags containing individual product items. Returned products need not be shipped back in original cartons if other suitable cartons are available.
  • Where a set of components (e.g. head, coupler and base) make up a specific item (SE1, SE2 etc.) as originally ordered, each box/bag of returned products must contain the appropriate numbers of components to make the complete pedestal sets.
  • We cannot accept the return of individual parts of a pedestal assembly e.g. heads, columns or bases only, with the exception of the E1 or PNM Extension Elements, which maybe returned as individual items.

Subject to receiving returned items in the condition as described above, and after checking by warehouse staff, Archatrak will pay a refund (or issue a credit) based on the original invoiced price of the products returned, less:

  • A 10% restocking fee
  • The pro rata cost of the original shipping (only if goods were supplied at a unit price which included shipping)
  • Any charges paid by Archatrak for return shipping. (If Archatrak is requested to arrange return shipping, the charge deducted from the refund will be the actual return shipping cost +10%.)

If items are not returned in the condition specified above, Archatrak reserves the right to apply an additional discount reflecting any extra warehouse labor or material costs which may be incurred.