Granite Tiles

Interlocking granite deck tiles

Specifications & Features

Granite has long been the paving of choice for upscale plazas and forecourts of commercial buildings.  And for good reason.  Its classic good looks, durability, and wear resistance are unmatched by most other paving materials.

With its hammered slip resistant finish, EzyTile granite deck tiles are an excellent option for all fully exposed or semi covered areas where a durable, exceptionally hard and wear resistant surface is required.

Color: Aquarius (coarse grain with purplish hue)



We suggest you also take a look at our range of porcelain stoneware pavers where we currently offer a number of porcelain pavers with a simulated stone look. Although these pavers are not interlocking, they can be installed directly over concrete using 3/8″ high rubber support pads with inbuilt spacer tabs under each corner of the pavers. These 3/4″ thick 24″ x 24″ pavers offer outstanding stain resistance, mold and mildew resistance, low maintenance and the ability to be installed on pedestal systems for elevated decking such as rooftop decks.

Granite Tile Size

Tile size (covered area)
11 13/16″ x 11 13/16″
Tile Height (incl. base)
1 3/16″
Base Height
Granite Thickness
Tile Weight
6-7 lbs
6 tiles per carton
Carton Size
13 1/2″ x 13 1/2″ x 11″
Carton Weight
44 lbs


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