Cobblestone Blocks

Porcelain Cobblestone Blocks

A simpler way to achieve a rustic cobbled pathway, driveway or other pedestrian walkway. Heavily textured surface and solid body color reinforces the authentic natural split stone appearance.

Precise dimensions ensure consistent spacing of blocks and simplifies installation.


  • A traditional cobblestone look but perfectly uniform dimensions
  • Rich, deep, through-body coloring
  • Precise size and thickness for safe pedestrian use
  • Frost, salt and stain resistant


Three basic color options to blend with existing landscapes. Subtle color variation between individual blocks of named colors ensures natural appearance.





Block size: 4” x 4” x 2 ½”H

Packing: 768 pcs/pallet (8 rows of 96 pcs) ; 83 sq.ft./pallet


A concrete aggregate base with mesh reinforcing is required for any vehicular applications. The blocks can then be either dry laid on a bed of sand or gravel spread over the concrete base and joints filled with polymeric sand, or for maximum stability over time, laid on a bed of cement mixed with sand and joints filled with either polymeric sand or cement grout.

If you have any questions about our porcelain cobblestone blocks, just call us at 866-206-8316 or send us an email.