Self-Extinguishing Pedestals

Prevent spread of flames and minimize smoke fumes on pedestal supported elevated decks with Eterno VO self-extinguishing pedestals.

Porcelain pavers supported by regular polypropylene pedestal supports will normally meet the requirements of ASTM Test Method E108-11 “Standard Method of Fire Tests of Roof Coverings”. This tests roofing products for spread of flame and the ability of the roof covering or roofing system to resist fire penetration from the exterior to the underside of the roof material when exposed to flames.

However, in some densely populated urban regions, more severe requirements or regulations may apply, requiring pedestals to possess fire resistant properties.

To meet these requirements, Eterno VO series pedestals are produced with special compounds that not only prevent the spread of flames due to their self-extinguishing properties, but produce significantly less smoke fumes than other types of pedestal supports.

Eterno VO self-extinguishing pedestals are available in both the SE range with self-leveling head and the fixed head NM ‘Maxi’ range with wider body and tapered twist rings for slope adjustment.
Note that VO pedestals are only available on special order with a lead time of min. 8 weeks.

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