Why Archatrak

Why Choose Archatrak

If you want a business that brings you the best new ideas from around the world, from the highest quality suppliers and can supply your requirements in the fastest time, then talk to us. Here’s just a few ways we can help you with your deck or paving projects.

1. More colors and styles

With over 30 porcelain pavers colors available and in stock at any time, it’s almost certain we’ll have a color/style that suits your needs. If not, just ask as we have access to a huge range of colors from other makers due to our relationship with factories in Italy and Spain.

2. Experience & reliability

We focus exclusively on supply of exterior paving and decking products. We were one of first companies to introduce both interlocking deck tiles (2001) and porcelain structural pavers (2013) to the US market. Our suppliers are carefully chosen on the basis of speed and reliability of supply, high product quality and responsive technical support.

3. Faster nationwide delivery

From our main warehouse in MD, we ship nationwide and also into Canada. Most orders are shipped within 2 days or ordering, and generally we can ship out the day after your order is placed.

4. State-of-the-art pedestal estimator for elevated decks

We developed our own pedestal estimating software to make it easy to determine how many pedestals and how many pavers you need to cover a specific area, no matter how complicated the plan of the proposed area. You can insert as many drainage points as you wish, calculate heights just from knowing the slope, change the direction of laying, select a specific point where laying is to commence and much more. Then save or print a PDF of the detailed results with diagrams showing positions of pedestals, pavers, slopes and all measurements.

6. Responsive service

Need product samples, brochures, installation guidelines or specification sheets? Just let us know and we’ll get them out to you right away – usually shipped the same day if possible.
Or just call 866 206 8316 with any questions you want answered.

7. Comprehensive online resources

Just go to our resources pages where you’ll find a wealth of information which can be downloaded immediately – brochures, flyers, installation guidelines and more. Looking for something more specific? Just let us know.

8. Pro support

We’ll give you the best support and resources we can so you can make the best and most informed presentations to your clients. Brochures, flyers, test data, installation guidelines, guide specs., CAD drawings, and sample books are all available on request.